Practical Approach to Precision Alignment Methods

Our alignment classes emphasize the fundamentals and gives you a clear understanding of the principles that all precision methods are based on. By examining and correcting problems such as soft foot and assembly issues on our practice machines (with intentional errors added) the students learn what is necessary before doing any precision alignment. A practical understanding of thermal growth, alignment tolerances, and documentation are covered.

On Target

This program on a tablet computer (or any Windows PC) calculates corrections for many different methods, compensating for thermal growth and offering alternative moves. It’s many features and options can take a limited system such as an indicator set or a laser tool with limited capabilities and upgrade it to one capable of things only high-end lasers now are capable of.


The Proaction is the best dial indicator-based shaft alignment system in industry and is competitively priced. It is easy to use and solidly built, as shown by it having the least amount of sag of any set on the market. One kit can handle a wide range of machine sizes.