Course Formats

Remote Plus Courses

Training has seen changes since with the onset of the pandemic. Travel is more difficult and close contact sometimes should be kept to a minimum. The use of remote training has increased, however, the drawback, typically, is a lack of hands-on application. This is crucial for alignment and balancing training and can make a big difference in vibration training. Buscarello Machinery Solutions remote courses offer a unique training package that includes it all. 

Training materials are shipped to your location for use during the class and for a specified period after. The classroom material is presented live (through apps such as Zoom) at times convenient to you, with two-way communication between the students and the instructor. During hands-on exercises the students work on the practice machine, while a webcam is put on a tripod so the instructor can observe the work and coach as needed.   

Following the class, the training materials can remain at your location for the duration of the post-class package.

In-Plant Courses

For many people the ideal training situation is with the instructor live and in-person. This can keep some people more engaged than just watching a computer screen. The training materials are shipped to your location for use in the class and optionally for longer with the post-class add-on. The addition of the post-class package is the best way to ensure that the training “sticks” for everyone. 

Public Courses

The advantage of a public class is the interaction with other students from other companies, often from other industries, can give your people a broader perspective. Also, for some, being off-site may be a better learning environment, which will maximize your investment in time and money. At present we are not now putting public classes on a calendar, but when there is enough interest expressed, we will consider scheduling one in your area. The post-class package can be arranged for students at your location.

Custom Courses

Custom classes can be arranged combining elements of any of the above. For example, a class can be taught on-site while remotely including participants from another plant in your company, each with training materials. Another possibility is to have subjects taught remotely followed by a day or two of hands-on practice with the instructor present. We can also add subjects specific to your requirements. Call us to discuss your situation and together we can create a training experience that best suits your needs.

Training Materials

Our goal is to provide the most effective and long-lasting training experience. The training materials include one practice machine with tools for every 2-3 students, and for each student, a tablet computer loaded a virtual vibration instrument with sensors and other software related to the course, a webcam and headset. All the training materials are returned after the class and post-class period. Each student receives a textbook to keep.

Post Class Package

The post-class package includes, for a designated period of time, the use of the training materials plus remote access to the instructor who will facilitate assessment, ongoing practice, troubleshooting, and refresher training to ensure that what is presented in the classroom is effectively put into practice in the field. Online sessions can be in a group or one on one.