On Target Alignment Software & Tablet

Accomplishing precision alignment of machinery requires more than just a measurement of the current shaft positions. With the smallest shim being 1 mil, the same accurate measurement result necessary to calculate precision alignment adjustments can easily be determined with either lasers or dial indicators. The difference between high-end and low-end laser systems ends up being additional software functions, and with the complete and cost effective On Target Alignment software suite, you have it all!

On Target alignment software on a handy tablet computer calculates solutions for many difficult alignment situations (such as being bolt/base bound) and displays the answers in a clear, graphical format. It can calculate all the major alignment methods (including laser systems), works with two or three machine trains and requires only three clock positions. It accepts different measurement units and dimension types and makes proper thermal growth calculations easy (in C° or F°). Finally, everything is graphically displayed including alignment corrections, thermal growth offsets and tolerance windows—it even offers alternate moves when bolt bound or base bound.

Machines that are entered into the database can recall the static dimensions, thermal growth and alignment tolerances. When the alignment job is complete, a record is saved to the database for reporting and future reference.

On Target software will accept data from a number of sources & works with different alignment methods:
• Reverse Indicator
• Cross Dial
• Rim and Face
• Coupling to Spool
• Entered Moves or Offset and Angle (calculated from a low-end laser system)

On Target software brings all of these extremely important functions to your every Alignment job.

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