Practice Machine

In the Machine Improvement Skills Enhancement classes and the Practical Approach to Precision Alignment Methods classes, there is a considerable amount of time devoted to hands-on practice. To facilitate doing this in a classroom setting, we have developed practice machines with tool kits that are shipped to the class locations. Over the years we have made many such sets. We are now reducing our inventory by refurbishing and selling a limited number of these sets for your mechanic’s continuing skills development and practice. Evaluate your people’s knowledge and skills, keep in practice, and train new hires without the pressure of having your machines down and halting production.

The machines consist of a motor coupled to a shaft on bearings and can be run before and after adjustments to measure the difference in vibration levels. The tool kit includes a Proaction alignment system that uses the reverse indicator method. Instead of practicing on idealized machines that make things overly simplified, these practice machines have realistic challenges. They all have some soft foot that must be dealt with before aligning. Tools are included for checking shaft runout and soft foot. Both the shafts are keyed so the user can determine the proper key length and make changes. The kit also contains a torque wrench, a straight edge, feeler gauges, box wrenches, an inspection mirror, removable jacking bolts, an additional set of dial indicators with mag bases.

Using an optional add on kit, the machines can be converted to belt driven units for practicing installation of pulleys with QD bushings, alignment, and belt tensioning. Another option are disks that can be attached for balancing practice.

The set comes in a heavy-duty shipping case. Total weight is approximately 75 lbs.