Balancing Products

True Balance

True Balance software is a feature-packed, easy to use software for field and shop balancing. When working with Update International’s DT6 vibration analyzer, it offers some unique advantages over conventional systems. In dual plane mode, both planes are measured in each direction at the same time. With the DT6, the same data taken for balancing can be used to make sure machine is not running at resonance and that the vibration is really from imbalance. A coast-down test can also be done after the original readings are taken.

True balance does single plane, no phase, dual plane and static/couple balancing.There are many options available for the calculations with an additional toolkit for special situations. Its user- friendly interface also features a wizard option, with help screens to guide you through all the decisions and settings.

The corrections are shown in text and on a rotatable protractor graphic to give you a visual of where to place the weight.  

The results are shown on a polar plot with the selected tolerance.

True Balance calculates sensitivity vectors and influence coefficients for faster balancing of the same rotor in the future. When the job is completed, you can generate a customizable report with all details of the job including photos and polar plots.

If the job is interrupted, all details can be saved to a file and the computer can be turned off. When returning to the job, the file can be opened, and the job continued without loss of any settings or data. The final file can be saved for a historical record.

Options include:

  • Single or dual plane
  • 4 run, no phase method
  • Adding or removing weights
  • Weights given in length of stock material
  • Tolerances: ISO G number or API (4W/N)
  • Splitting weights to blade positions
  • Removing the previous weights or leaving them on
  • Ounce-inches or gram-inches
  • Use past sensitivity vector (single plane) or influence coefficients (dual plane)
  • Use horizontal, vertical or axial measurements
  • Amplitudes in imperial or metric units in displacement, velocity or acceleration; 
  • Remove or leave trial weight on (single plane)

The toolkit apps include:

  • Weight by material dimensions
  • Weight splitting
  • Combining weights 
  • Arc effectiveness